tommy and selena back at it again today



when i get online


Anonymous said: Is it true that there's a verse in the quraan that says "kill non-muslims" ? Sorry for the question im really curious

it says that but only about wars.. if there is a war then we should be ready to defend our group and fight back. we are not allowed to provoke or attack them for no reason but if they are attacking or provoking muslims then we are allowed to fight back just like any other person.

Anonymous said: im a muslim and im white and i havent converted or anything ?

if u read my answer again i said “USUALLY” not always.

people should really learn the difference between ethnicity and race

Anonymous said: what is that other anon talking about? Selena is MEXICAN, her family comes from MEXICO, wtf is a Latino?


Anonymous said: if you are muslim does that mean you aren't white ?

im not white… but there are muslims who are white… usually people who have converted…

Anonymous said: She isnt. She's latino and thats not white

Latino is not a race